Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

transverse wave


Transverse wave is a wave that propagation direction perpendicular to its propagation direction.
1 wave consists of a single valley & a hill for example.
like ripples of water waves. the thread in his quiver.
some of the terms associated with a transverse wave, among others : for example wave crest b&f.
basis of these waves is the lowest points on the wave hill arches, such a wave valley basin.
amplitude is the largest deviation values which might be obtained in particle, waveleght (lambda) is the distance between 2 successive peaks such as b-f.
pariode is the time interval that can in needing to take a wave or lapse of time which is required for 2 successive peaks or second sequental basis...
vibration direction is vertical while the wave propagation direction is horizontal so that its propagation direction of vibration & satins.
if a piece of string with a particular stress on a continuous trill on it will show a waveform vibration direction perpendicular to its.